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The Least Stressful Jobs

It is an undisputed fact that work can be stressful. Work is how you make your living, and countless variables in your life depend upon your job and the performance you put into it. While no job is truly easy, there are some that possess significantly lower stress factors than others. Here are 2013’s least stressful jobs, courtesy of’s Tony Lee. When you are applying for jobs in Reno, you may want to take this into account.

1. Medical laboratory technician: given the prevalence of hospitals in the Reno area, there are numerous opportunities for medical lab technicians. According to Lee, technicians are “given the latitude to do the job at their own pace because it's important that they get it right.”

2. Jeweler: these individuals specialize in making and repairing jewelry. According to Lee, the low-stress experienced by jewelers is due to the fact that they are often “self-employed and work in an environment where they're given a lot of flexibility and leeway.”

3. Medical records technician: these technicians are tasked specifically with keeping track of patients’ medical records. They enjoy much of the same leeway as the aforementioned lab technicians, since it is of paramount importance that they don’t make mistakes on the job.

4. Seamstress/tailor: like jewelers, these professionals are free to set their own schedule. Lee states that “most seamstresses and tailors are independent business people, so that means they're in control of their day.”

5. University professor: the Reno-Tahoe area is home to a major university and several community colleges, making opportunities for higher educators numerous. According to Lee, university professors rank low on the criteria for stressful jobs (deadlines, physical demands, environmental hazards) and are in complete control of their work environment: the classroom.

By Kyle Wise

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