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The Disadvantages of Craigslist, Part 2

Previously, we looked at how Craigslist has continued to receive hundreds of responses to postings for Reno jobs, despite the fact that job postings have been on the decline. However, the drawbacks of that site don’t end there. The very nature of Craigslist’s posting system can work against you.

Craigslist always lists all of its postings, be it for jobs or apartments, in reverse chronological order. That is, new content will always show up at the top of the page, and as more of that new content appears, it will start to push the older stuff further down the list. Tony Lee of CareerCast summarizes: “When a company posts an opening for a receptionist on a Tuesday at 10 a.m., the window for responses to roll in starts at 10:01 a.m., but typically ends later that day as other postings push the receptionist listing further and further down the queue.” Essentially, you won’t be filling that receptionist position anytime soon merely because potential applicants aren’t seeing it.

By Kyle Wise

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