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The Disadvantages of Craigslist, Part 3

According to Tony Lee of CareerCast, the problem with Craigslist’s ever changing posting system is “exacerbated in markets where Craigslist charges for job postings.” When you post openings for Reno jobs, you already have to deal with the problem of your post getting shuffled down the queue by the new content. That problem becomes even more costly if you are paying a fee for that posting.

If you aren’t getting any satisfactory applicants within your first day of posting, it is highly unlikely that any will appear during the rest of your 30 day post. And since this issue will be compounded by the fact that dozens of new postings will be knocking yours out of sight, you will have no choice but to pay that fee (which ranges from $25 to $75) again to get your job post to the front of the list. “At $25 or more per post, Craigslist becomes an expensive option fast, not to mention time-consuming given the flood of unqualified applicants,” says Lee.

By Kyle Wise

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