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The Disadvantages of Craigslist, Part 4

Between the high traffic, buried job postings, and the accumulating costs in markets that charge for those postings, Craigslist isn’t as attractive an option as it seems. If you are still looking to post Reno jobs on that site, you may be willing to look past all of that. Perhaps Craigslist’s customer service could guide you through the obstacles. But according to Tony Lee of CareerCast, you shouldn’t count on it.

There is no phone number for Craigslist’s customer support, and no way whatsoever to directly communicate with a live human being about any problems you encounter. Craigslist’s customer support team communicates strictly through email, and given the massive scale of its customer base, you could find yourself waiting a long time to get a reply. Editing or removing posts can be difficult as well. According to Lee “returning to the site to make edits or remove the ad isn't difficult, as long as you've saved your confirmation email.” If that isn’t the case, you will have to dig through many posts to find yours, if you find it at all. Look for a service with live customer representatives, like, who will be there to solve any problems you run into.

By Kyle Wise

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