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How to Write a Resume for Reno Jobs

Step one for applying for Reno Jobs, is getting a resume written. Be sure you take another look at it before you submit it though. No two resumes will be the same, but there are some fundamentals that each one should have. When the time comes to write, rewrite, or edit your resume, try to keep these pointers, courtesy of Daniel Scocco at Daily Writing Tips, in mind:

1. Have someone else proofread your resume: any piece of writing you’re producing needs to have more than person look at it. Try as we might, we just can’t pick up on every slip up in our writing. Getting a second or even third opinion can help immensely.

2. Tailor each resume specifically for the job you are applying for: having just one generalized resume for every job application might reduce the amount of time you spend writing and editing, but it could reduce your chances of landing that interview. Each job application should have its own resume (and cover letter as well) that specifically addresses why you would be a good fit for that particular position.

3. Not all work experience is relevant or required: this one goes hand-in-hand with the second tip. For example, if you are applying for a job at a retail outlet, your resume should reflect any work experience you had relating to retail; there’s no need to include that time you worked at a movie theater or a café.

4. Use the right keywords: Many companies now use digital databases for candidate searching, meaning that HR departments run search queries with certain keywords to find what they are looking for. Job descriptions and job ads are the best sources to find out which words suit your resume and make you show up on the company’s radar.

By Kyle Wise
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