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Tips for Reno Job Interviewers

When you are conducting a job interview, remember that you have duties and responsibilities as well. How productive the interview is doesn’t depend entirely on the candidate; you factor into it also. When the candidate is applying for Reno Jobs, here are some things you should avoid in the interview, courtesy of CBS Money Watch:

Tiffany a District Sales Coordinator with Aflac Reno Health Insurance says what has helped her to hire in the health insurance industry are these simple steps:

1. Don’t talk too much: remember that the primary focus of the interview is on the candidate. Talking too much, especially about yourself, will result in little useable information being gathered from the limited interview time frame.

2. Avoid the Halo/Horns Effect: the Halo/Horns Effect is when a candidate makes an incredibly strong (halo) or lousy (horns) impression on you that instantly sways your judgment. First impressions don’t make or break the candidate, so pay attention to their performance for the rest of the interview.

3. Lengthen your interviews: interviews take up time, time that could be spent performing other vital business functions. Brief interviews are more convenient, but it’s hard to make a sound judgment on a candidate when you didn’t get much time to assess him. The ideal time frame for an interview should be 45 minutes to an hour.

4. Don’t rate candidates against each other: comparing candidates’ strengths and weaknesses against each other seems obvious, but is actually counter-productive. Grade each candidate on established criteria; not against each other.

By Kyle Wise

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