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How to Write a Solid Cover Letter

In your rush to get a solid resume, don’t forget to give your cover letter some attention. When you are applying for Reno Jobs, having a solid cover letter is of equal importance as having a quality resume. Your letter needs to stand out from the rest. Here are some solid cover letter tips, courtesy of Seth Porges of Forbes:

1. Don’t repeat your resume: this is a pretty common one. Don’t treat your cover letter as an extended resume with sentences instead of bullet points. Briefly recap your experience in one or two sentences, and then devote the rest of the letter to you and what you will bring to the company.

2. Keep it short: cover letters should never exceed a page. In fact, the average cover letter can be written in just three paragraphs and still contain all of the relevant information. If you are having trouble keeping your letter short, following step one will probably help.

3. Address no one: if you are ignorant as to whom exactly will be reading your letter, don’t bother addressing anyone at all; jumping right into the body of the letter is acceptable. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to determine if “To whom it may concern” is an appropriate header.

4. Don’t ever: use phrase “My name is ______, and I am applying for the position of _____.” This is redundant.

5. Give it a strong closer: end your letter with two to three sentences explaining how your experience can help your job performance. Once that is written, nothing else should come after it.

By Kyle Wise

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