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Reno Jobs Seekers: Take Advantage of Career Fairs

Going to career or job fairs as you conduct your job search is certainly advisable. As you're out there and applying for Reno jobs don't forget to check the trade papers and keep your ear to the ground for when job fairs are announced. And, of course, make sure you set aside time in your schedule to actually attend! Job fairs do require their own strategies and planning, so here are a few guidelines for when you go.

1. Research: always invest the time to check out which companies and organizations will have booths at the fair. If there are companies there you aren’t interested in or who don’t offer any work that suits your skills and background, you will know not to visit to maximize your time with better prospects. If there are some companies that you think will fit you better, find out as much about them as you can, and prioritize which company representatives you want to speak with.

2. Dress and act professionally: The Wall Street Journal recommends treating the career fair as an interview opportunity unto itself. This means that you should be in professional attire. You never know who you may end of speaking with and dressing the part of a dedicated employee will help your chances landing a real interview.

3. Don’t be shy: talking to new people can be very frightening. Remember, however, that at a job fair, you're in a place where it's ok to talk with people you don't know; in fact, that's the point. Reach outside your comfort zone and make those contacts! It's why you're there in the first place.

By Kyle Wise

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